Overvoltage of the DC link section of the Power Supply (PS) was detected. (Power Supply (PS) alarm indication: 7) Power Supply (PS) selection error. (The maximum output specification of the Power Supply (PS) is exceeded.)

1 Check the selected Power Supply (PS).
2 Check the input power voltage and change in power during motor deceleration. If the voltage exceeds 253 VAC (for the 200-V system) or 530 VAC (for the 400-V system), improve the power supply impedance.

Amplifier indication 11 on Beta Amplifier (Drive) Alpha power Amplifier indication 07

80% Amplifier faulty

*1 Note that the meanings of the Spindle Amplifier indications differ depending on
which LED, the red or yellow LED, is on. When the red LED is on, the Spindle
Amplifier indicates a 2-digit alarm number. When the yellow LED is on, the
Spindle Amplifier indicates an error number that designates a sequence problem
(for example, when a rotation command is entered with the emergency stop
state not released).
See “Error Codes (Serial Spindle).”
*2 For serial spindle alarms with a number not listed, refer to the following
documents depending on the spindle motor to which a connection is actually

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